Grassroots Representation

For too long livestock transporters have had to put up with sub-standard working conditions which affect drivers and livestock. The LRTAV is committed to representing all association members at local, state or federal levels to address the condition of loading facilities, amenities, curfewing stock and truck wash facilities to name a few. By working together we achieve more.

LRTAV Newsletters

We provide members with a Newsletter which includes updates with what's happening both nationally and in Victoria for Livestock Transporters. Our Newsletter also includes information on industry developments and challenges. Where ever possible we pass on the relevant and timely information regarding sale yards, abattoirs and any other facilities. In short, we try to include what you want to see in your newsletter. The Newsletter is sent out to your business by email or mail if no email is available.

SMS Text Messages

SMS Text messages straight to your phone on urgent issues that affect your business eg: road closures, change of sale days etc.

Weekly News

This is a weekly newsletter that is emailed or faxed to our members every week and is also available on the ALRTA website. It contains important information for livestock transporters to help you in your day to day operations and to keep abreast of what the ALRTA are doing and how we are tackling the issues impacting on our industry.

Victorian Livestock Loading Scheme

This important initiative was instigated by the LRTAV. We now coordinate the only training across Victoria to ensure your drivers are compliant.

For more information about the Victorian Livestock Loading Scheme click here


The ALRTA administer TruckCare Accreditation and they are currently revamping the manuals for the Operators, Auditors and Facilitators to make it easier to become Accredited and to also maintain your TruckCare Accreditation. We are working with scientists from the Animal Welfare Group and consulting with Auditors and Facilitators to bring you a simplified version which will include templates for you to use to assist in keeping the "paper trail" as required. As the industry moves forward and more clients demand Accredited Carriers, streamlining the administration of Accreditations is important to ensure large and small carriers can manage and afford to operate with accreditations.
For more information about TruckCare go to out TruckCare page

BP Fuel Discount Offer for Members.

As a member of a State Livestock Transport Association, such as LTRAV, you are eligible for a discount on diesel fuel purchased through your BP account. You need to apply to BP for the discount fuel offer but it is well worth the effort to receive the $0.05 cents per litre discount at most sites.

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